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Friday, June 23, 2017
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With the advancement of time, the style of blues has changed a lot. Blues are preferred mostly by the black people even today.


Music has been classified into various genres according to the era, place etc. Both of these have influenced music a lot. We will be discussing here about Blues. Blues was originated in the southern part of United States in the end of 19th century. It was formed by the African-Americans. Blues differs a lot from the common rock music. It is much melodious than rock music. The preferred instruments for blues are mainly guitars, piano, drums, saxophone etc. However, the origin of blues has a deep significance. It symbolizes slavery and the culture of the African-Americans after the civil war in America. The African-Americans were used as slaves by the white people at that time, the blues originated during that period of slavery. It holds the pain of the black people.

With time, the blues was modified a lot. Many blues singer became famous leaving the whites behind. It was a matter of winning over the whites for the African-American people. The use of guitar increased a lot later. Guitarist of blues bands started playing tough but melodious blues riffs. Since, people preferred the sound of guitar, the introduction of guitar proved to be helpful. However, the chord progression of blues is different from that rocks or jazz, which were also very people. The 12 bar blues chord progression are mostly used in the blues songs. Blues was also classified into several forms, like the Traditional County Blues, Cool Blues, Jump Blues and West Coast Blues etc. Cool blues had much similarity with the Jazz.

Today, many people, following their tradition and culture go for blues music instead of the most popular rock. But, their version differs a lot from the original blues version. The use of guitar riffs has increased a lot. This increment of the use of guitar has several reasons; sometimes due to the band members? love for guitar and sometimes for commercial purpose. Since, most people has a weakness for guitar, they prefer the use of guitar riffs in every song. The use of guitar riffs in blues songs attracts them a lot. Modern people always prefer ?something different? in every field of their daily life. Hearing unnatural guitar riffs and keyboard riffs in blues is a new experience for them.

Today, very few people go for blues music. Most of them prefer any version of rock, hip-hop, rap etc. And this is not always for passion or tradition; sometimes people choose them for commercial benefit. Blues had to face immense criticism; it was regarded as disreputable by the white people. White people always regarded the black as their slaves; they looked down to them always. So, they could not tolerate the rise of the black people in the field of music. But this used to happen long ago. Nowadays, blues have got the same popularity as jazz or county songs. The use of guitar riffs is a very important factor for this.

Melodious blues songs can be found on the internet nowadays. Some people even prefer blues music instead of rock. The use of riffs has increased a lot. Although, blues singers are almost extinct, some great blues tracks will be in the people?s heart and mind forever.

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