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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Your special day's coming, and you want to look fabulous without breaking the bank. You may think this is an impossible task?


?Your special day's coming, and you want to look fabulous without breaking the bank. You may think this is an impossible task? J Crew and I think not. You need a combination of fabulous look and bearable cost. Having scoured designers and brands, stores and sites, J Crew has won out as the top performer when it comes to beautiful, affordable options for brides. We've gathered three seriously sweet options, which all fall below the $400.00 mark, to get your hunt starting off (and, maybe even ending) on the right foot.


?Who knew cheap wedding dresses could have such style and class? For the perfect summer wedding dress with a delicate feel, look to J Crew's 'Solid Silk Chiffon Whitney Long Dress.' For just $395.00, J Crew has created a full length, graceful dress featuring a slight sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice. Its lightweight crinkled chiffon texture and shape combine for a uniquely Grecian feel. Pair with fabulous gold sandals, heels, and accessories for a truly ephemeral feel. Probably our favorite characteristic of this cheap wedding dress is its fabulous front sash detailing. Boding a T-like draping on the bust section, a horizontal section of chiffon wraps across the bust line and down the center, falling at your natural waist. Not only is this shape flattering, but it also adds a truly unique touch to both the feel and style of this dress making for a memorable, high fashion look you might not expect from such a good buy. Plus, its interior corset, back zip, and A-line skirt make this both a beautiful and easy-fitting option.?


?The next choice we'll be checking out is J Crew's 'Silk Tricotine Sohia Long Dress.' Our absolute favorite of the cheap wedding dresses, this is one of the most elegant, simple, and beautiful styles you can choose: This full-length silk Tricotine piece features a fabulous deep V-neck with thick straps, and mirrored back shape. Plus, its additional embellishment shirring at the bust adds just a hint of something new to this classic shape and style. With a $295.00 price tag, you really cannot do much better than this as far as both price and bang for your buck go! Staying in the silk family, our final option for price and style is J Crew's 'Tricotine Cecelia Long Dress.' Boding a V-neck as well, this takes the simplicity of the Sophia Dress and ratchets it up a notch. Its smart, versus supremely classic feel comes from its crossover, wide v-neck, ending in cap sleeves. Plus, with a full back and bias-cut straight skirt, its chic shape balances out the lightness of its silk.


?For a sweet, flattering silhouette, $395 is indeed a small price to pay. If you like J Crew's choices, but aren't particularly enamored of any one in particular, there are a couple of reasons why these succeed on a budget. The fabric choices are consistently high-end. Don't sacrifice fabric, because this will alter the way your dress will drape. Also, a simpler shape is always best if you don't want to drop the big bucks. Cheap embellishments, unfortunately, tend to look it. But, the good news is, you can easily find a truly gorgeous gown for a reasonable price. Cheap wedding dresses never looked so good!

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