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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Diamond is the hardest material available on earth and its shine and rarity makes its girl?s best friend. It is considered as the most precious stone and when presented to someone, it is the most precious and memorable gift.


We have to dig deeper to have an objective evaluation point, and find out about type, weight and purity of precious metal (10k, 14k, Platinum, palladium etc. Make sure you compare apples with apples and opt for the best value for money based choice.10k gold set with 02ct.The all encompassing term diamond ring covers every finger ornament with diamond on it. It is good to figure out first how cheap is cheap, and since people have different buying power this term is far from objective.

In most cases however the weight comes combined leaving to the customer to guess what part of the total weight is main stone and what smalls, and this is if he manages at all to figure out what it. The Internet is a convenient way to compare prices and request quotation, however it is reassuring if the merchant clearly displays all of the above information next to each item. The materials involved in fine jewelry are promptly classified and their prices hardly negotiable, so if the price of the engagement ring is too good to be truth, it most probably is. Cheap diamond engagement rings are not always cheap when properly scrutinized. Since it is difficult for none specialist to calculate cost price, the best is to make sure you compare similar merchandise. I am talking about the so called total weight shortened to it. Another very important piece of information is often displayed in rather ambiguous way.

Cheap and jewelry are two ends that never meet. One carat of smalls costs far less than one carat of half carat diamonds and throwing these two values together leaves huge ground for misconception. If you strip the markup from the price you will most probably end up with cost of $20 - 25 and this is not a bargain. Diamond Engagement Rings are not cheap objects and the customer deserves information about what exactly he is spending his hard earned cash for. It is all in the ratio between these two values and the price itself is irrelevant. I am referring to genuine pieces made from precious metals and set with genuine stones.

These are all the points forming the cost of your ring. Bargain is a ring with cost much greater than the markup. We have to have the size and quality of the diamond including the often overlooked but very important cut and finally have a close look on the design and craftsmanship. It also shows that the merchant is confident in the competitiveness of his price and proudly displays the ring details in order to prove it. This is a good marketing trick but is not entirely correct; cheap yes, bargain - definitely no. Fine jewelry is meant to be expensive; it is a form of concentrated wealth and statement of status. Yes, you could get something that can be lawfully called Diamond Ring for the cost price of $ Thin mass finished shank containing 3gr.If you see price tag of $100 for a diamond engagement ring you would think it is cheap and mentally pair it with bargain. It is applied to diamond rings with more than one diamond and there is nothing wrong with it, if the weight of the main stone is clearly disclosed.

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  • CHEAP DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS - Diamond is the hardest material available on earth and its shine and rarity makes its girl?s best friend. It is considered as the most precious stone and when presented to someone, it is the most precious and memorable gift.


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