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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Reflections on a data recovery makes it as a rule, whenever the data on the disk can not be accessed, and there is no current backup.


Reflections on a data recovery makes it as a rule, whenever the data on the disk can not be accessed, and there is no current backup. The causes for a hard disk failure and the consequent threat of data loss can be very diverse. Some disorders that can lead to failure of a disk, you will find listed here.

Hard Drive Data Recovery - Logical error:
This includes one can summarize the mistakes that have an impact on the file structure, with the disk in such a case is technically intact. For example, the MBR (master boot record is damaged) or FAT (File Allocation Table =) file system is damaged or deleted. Viruses may have mixed up the file system or deleted. In most cases, the hard disk recovery is possible. It is also called a logical data recovery. Were not the relevant sectors of the disk overwritten with new information, is a data recovery lab can, and often can be a few errors with so-called repair tools for data recovery. Here, however, caution - if you're not knowledgeable, then one has also quickly increases the damage or even makes a subsequent professional data recovery impossible.

Another cause of data loss is the demagnetization of the magnetic disks of the disk. This can be done by disturbing magnetic fields or by sabotage. A data recovery is no longer possible.

Hard Drive Recovery - Mechanical defects:
For the purely mechanical defects of hard drives, can not save the disks, but the data on disk can be restored by a professional data recovery. In cases where for example of a hard disk drive is beyond repair, will be installed by specialists in the clean room laboratory, the entire stack of magnetic disks to another hard drive and then backed up all data onto another disk. By dubbing this disk to a new hard drive, all data are immediately available again.

Hard Disk Data Recovery - Physical Defects:
Physical disk defects are already severe.
For example, when a head crash can be a few sectors of the disk entirely lost forever, although even here the Data Recovery Services specialist tools are available, which also seeks out defective sectors on a reading of each byte.

A resulting from external mechanical or thermal exposure to hard drive failure is the most difficult variant. Depending on the type, intensity and duration of exposure to such Fire or water may be irretrievably lost a lot of data. If for example exceeds a fire acting a certain temperature, which is indispensable to save the data to be repealed magnetizing the disk and the data are not beyond saving.

I am writing on data recovery process which are followed by most of the Server Recovery companies and it is difficult to get data from a formatted disk with out the help of data recovery company or software.

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