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Friday, November 16, 2018
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How to Sell Your Home and Continue to Stay in it.


How to Sell Your Home and Continue to Stay in It

By: Oliver Wingrove

Are you having problems with mortgage repayments being unable to keep up with the repayment schedule? If it is any consolation to you, every year there are numerous homes being reacquired through the courts? In case you want to avoid such a situation, then you need to act swiftly regarding your mortgage repayments. When you fail to meet the repayment obligations, your lender might expect you to dispose off your property, so that you are able to repay the loan to them, but this may warrant your immediate vacation of the house. There is another alternative by which you could sell the house, clear your mortgage dues and at the same time retain your property.

Under this option, you may decide to sell your home to a company, repay your mortgage loan from the sale proceeds, and then you may stay put in your home by paying a monthly nominal rent to the company. This way, you would not only pay off your dues, you get to stay in your property too, thereby avoiding unnecessary humiliation of moving out of the house.

You may browse the internet and look for a reputed and dependable company that allows you to rent back your house within a day and you will also get a picture as to the market value of your property. You will receive an oral figure and if both of you are agreeable, then a representative from the company will inspect your home, assess the value and give you a written estimate, which would depend on the area, quality of construction and the maintenance, etc. The company will also let you know about your rent liability if you want to stay put in your home and what you will need to pay in order to buy back the house when your financial situation eases in due course.

This option of selling your property to a company and paying back the mortgage loan from the sale proceeds takes a lot of pressure off your mind and there is no fear of the lender seizing your property or running behind you every month, demanding mortgage repayment. In case you have some money left with you after repaying the mortgage loan, you could also pay off any other dues which have to be paid. You will now be able to heave a big sigh of relief.

Mortgage dues and the looming fear of repossession of the property can have devastating repercussions on all the members of the family, monetarily as well as psychologically. Loan arrears and dues can trigger unnecessary depression, worry, harrowing moments as also lack of sleep, and when you suffer; it is likely that other members of family might suffer too consequently, as they cannot watch you suffering silently. When you are not in a position to repay your mortgage loan at regular intervals, then it is prudent to sell it and rent it back so that you may put an end to all your worries and start your life afresh from then on.

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