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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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If you have a college aged daughter or even older, she needs some good self defense items, just in case of the unexpected and unthinkable! Even if she is a girlie girl.


Are There Good Self Defense Items For Girlie Girls?

Author: Father Time

Girlie Girls? They Need Self Defense Products!

Are you a Girlie Girl or do you know a Girlie Girl? Is she about to go off to college, or does she simply live alone? If so, she needs a few items for self defense. Actually, even a Girlie Girl still living with mom & dad, or married and living with a husband, should have some self defense items, just in case!

The first ting she should have is a stun device! This is a little gadget that runs on batteries and when the button is pushed, it will emit a huge amount of electricity into the body of the person who she touches with the two prongs. These days they make a stun device that is disguised just like a pink cell phone, and these are really great for a girlie girl. She can carry it in her purse, and if she ever has to stop someone from an attack?she's ready! The creep will be temporarily disabled for twenty minutes or so, while the girl can get away to safety!

The next thing on the list of good self defense items, particularly for a girlie girl, is an electronic whistle! This battery operated whistle will make a very loud sound just by pushing the button! If she is ever bothered by someone, and she presses this button, it is so loud that it will get someone?s attention!

Next on the list is the greatest of all, for a girl?s self defense (girlie girl or otherwise!)?the Lip Stick Pepper Spray! These come in five colors including pink! After all, most girlie girls like the color pink! This lip stick pepper spray is a powerful half ounce pepper spray that will shoot up to six feet, and once the guy gets this in his face, he will be unable to do anything for a while as he will have burning eyes that he can?t even open! He will be coughing and choking, and will have trouble breathing while the girl escapes and gets away!

My name is Father Time and I have combined all three of these great self defense items into the Girlie Girl Self Defense Trio! ?You can order it from my fabulous Online SuperStore, and for a limited time, there is FREE shipping on the girlie girl self defense trio! So, hurry and place your order! Although I hope you never need to use these items, you really should carry them, just in case! Be happy, be healthy, be safe, and be proud to be a Girlie Girl! Many Blessings!


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About the Author:

Father Time has been a published writer for over thirty years and particularly focuses on motivational and self-help writing and speaking! He also has many years of sales experience and writes sales & marketing training and materials. His first love is poetry and greeting card verses!

He currently does a lot of writing for hire, especially article marketing pieces for folks who have their own websites to promote. IF you have a website, you should contact him for some good writing to promote your site; right away! You will be glad that you did!

Father Time deals in wholesale merchandise of a wide variety, and is especially fond of helping college students and anyone else who needs to earn extra cash, by allowing them to buy a dozen or other small quantity of "this or that" for the purposes of reselling the items, for a cash profit. You don't have to go through the hassles of opening a business, you can just buy a batch of something that appeals to you, and then sell them to your friends. It is easy and fun, and very profitable!

Father Time has a great Online SuperStore at If YOU, as a reader of this website, are simply purchasing at retail, YOU can save an additional 15% off of the normal merchandise. (Sorry, discount does not apply to writing, card readings by e-mail, or on bulk packages) The coupon code is: SaveNow

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