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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Cool guitar riffs are always melodious and good to hear, no matter how distorted the music is. Great guitarists have emerged so far, the riffs played by them are still liked by people.


Music is regarded as the sound of silence. Any person who does not like music can never be regarded as a normal human being. If painting is the visible form of art, then music is the auditory form of art. There is not a single person that I have seen so far, can live without music. Some likes rock music, some jazz, some like blues whereas, some prefers classical. There are various kinds of songs, sung by people for other people. In our generation, the most listened and liked music is the rock music. Several people even want to create their own rock band following their favorite rock idols. One of the main components of rock music is guitar. Most young guys and girls have a tendency to learn playing guitar and forming their rock band. They succeed most of the time, but they face failure when the time of promoting their bands come.

Promoting a band is very difficult. Apart from the quality of composed songs and music, the view of the listeners affects a lot. If the listeners do not like the bands performance, then it is impossible to succeed. Iphone has introduced a great application in the hand sets- Riff Raters. In this iphone app people can record their composed music and share it with thousands of other users. Amateur guitar often record their guitar riffs and share them with other iphone users. If the guitar riffs are fine enough, then it gets high rank in the list. High ranked top guitar riffs or songs are liked by almost all people, the band also gets well known with this.

This iphone app is very effective. People can check whether their music is liked by others. If they succeed in this music iphone app world, then they get the confidence of performing on stage. Many people have succeeded using this method. People can check their talent easily by using this app. Composing cool guitar riffs is the result of hard practice and imagination. Without hard practice it is impossible to win the heart of the audience. And if people by any chance dislike a band or singer, then it is hard as well as impossible to proceed further. All these things are related and technology is the thing that links instruments, musicians and the audience.

Cool guitar riffs are always melodious and good to hear, no matter how distorted the music is. Great guitarists have emerged so far, the riffs played by them are still liked by people. Many young people of today have mastered the art of playing guitar and some of them have gained enormous fame. Mastering the art of playing guitar is not easy as it looks while the guitarists play, it is tough and people have to practice extremely hard to learn it.

If you are eager to start your own band with other members, then before going for a stage show suddenly, practice hard and test your band?s talent using the music iphone app. It will surely help you, as it did to other successful musicians.

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