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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Save your time applying visitor management system. Protect your premises from strangers and be safe. Its features and properties are efficient to replace the manual process.


Do you know that your fellow visitor's visiting at your place can also be dangerous under various circumstances! So, you should be alerted in any case. But the question is 'how'? How can you protect your premises from unwanted visitors? Are you sure that the place where you are living or working is fully protected? Well! The questions are many but the answer is just the one and the technological equipment which can actually solve all the queries is known as Visitor Management System.

Are you surprised?

Are you stunned to know that, electronic equipment can really replace the manual process? Then just don?t stress yourself much as the hidden truth is 'yes it really can'. Focusing on the technical part, visitor management system is based on 'no human touch' technology. That means, for the enrollment the individual does not have to touch the device like other punching machines. But he/she have to stand in front of the device.

It then captures the image of the individual and stores electronically in the database. During the re-visit of the individual, he/she needs to stand in front of the device again and it will capture the image. Then it will perform the matching process between the new patterns and the already stored patterns. If it will get a match then it will grant the permission.

System Based on Face Recognition Technology:

System is thus based on face recognition technology as it provides the authentication by analyzing the individual's face. Thus, it manages the work of the manual security guards and replaces the paper register system with the technology. It acts as a virtual escort to your visitors. But, what if some unwanted visitors want to enter at your place?

A Breath Taking Feature of the Device:

With visitor management system, one can set the different priority level depending upon the visitors. If someone is not expected in the premise due to some reason, then the priority could be set as 'low'.

When that particular person will revisit the premise then visitor management system will generate an alarm. This alarm will alert everyone in the premise about the unwanted happenings. So this is an add-on advantage of this device over the manual process.

Other Benefits:

If the previously mentioned features are not enough to build the trust for this technology, then focus on the numerous advantages:

? The system is a very easy and fastest method of security.

? It possesses a very low installation charge.

? A very advanced means of security which does not even demand buddy punching.

? It has now made everything automatic therefore there is no need of maintaining piles of log books.

? It is a cost effective technology with a low maintenance cost.

Real Time Applications:

Visitor management system can be used at any entrance for security. It can be used in office, schools, home, museum and many other places. You can also protect you premise from theft attack or from terrorism. As for the authentication you need not to touch the device just have to show your face therefore one will not be able to enter unless and until he/she will be enrolled. It was not possible with the conventional approach.

Also if the priority is properly set then, unauthenticated people will not get the right to enter and it will alarm to notify the unwanted danger.

Thus biometric visitor management system can help you in saving money and time by providing you a better guard system.

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